Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keeping the Romance Alive...?

My husband has developed the unfortunate habit of pissing me off and then becoming super affectionate just to cause further annoyance. This often ends in hilarity, though sometimes it ends in horrible tickle fights, which he always wins because he's built like a linebacker and I'm not. Example:

Husband: You're a stinky hobo.
Me: Shut your face, yankee.
Husband: Okay. Kiss me! (makes annoying kissy face, annoying kissy noises)
Me: No! You just insulted me, why should I kiss you? Go away.

The husband proceeds to struggle comically against my attempts at restraining him from kissing me. It's mostly just me holding his face at bay. He then looks at me with a dire expression and says, "Don't make me force my affection on you." I then whimper and start to bargain. If the bargaining goes well, he gets one kiss and falls asleep. If not, I get pinned down, kissed within an inch of my sanity, and then tickled to death. Twice. And then he falls asleep anyway, even after I threaten to smother him in his sleep because I'm really no physical threat to him whatsoever, as he often reminds me after tickling me to death proceeding one of my sneak attacks from behind a door or random cross-body blocks while he's trying to go to sleep. We don't fight as much as most couples, though. I think it might be because our random battles weed out excess aggression and/or resentment, but that's just a theory. You be the judge.

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