Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Ideas

Pinterest has many amazing ideas that are almost always easy and fun to put into practice, which is probably why I spend more and more time on that site as the weeks go by. Recently I've honed in on two particular ideas brought to me by this magical search engine, and I feel like sharing them here. Lucky you.

I've been wanting to paint my house for flipping ever. It's predominantly beige and white, except for in the few places (the master bed and bath, and one wall in the living room) that I've been brave enough to add color. I've since been looking for the perfect color scheme to paint most of the rest of my house. Logging onto Pinterest yesterday, I found this:

The second color from the left is just about perfect for my hallway and entryway, and the cranberry color is already in my living room. I'm going to avoid painting any surfaces in my house orange, though; the husband hates orange. I have been wanting to do this painting technique for some time:

This is just a flat paint base with a pattern in a high gloss version of the same color. I'm going to do exactly that, and it will look fantastic because my house is full of natural light ALL THE TIME. We never turn our lights on during the day, since we have this ginormous atrium between the entryway and the living room, and large windows everywhere else. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my house? It was truly love at first sight. I'll be doing all this magical painting when I get my paycheck, which should be soon. Then I will upload pictures here!