Friday, February 25, 2011

First Things First: Introduction

Hello there! I'm Chelsie. I'm a normal-ish person living somewhere in Texas with my husband and two cats. I'm a decorater, artist, writer, and professional procrastinator. I make epic sandwiches and I really like the color red. Nothing calms me like cuddles and peach Snapple. Oh, and someday I'd like to be a professional decorator, but that's a long way off. I have a dream! This is my first blog, so be gentle. It'll mostly be about my progress decorating my house (and other people's houses), my perceptions of life in general, and basically whatever comes to mind. As it is way past my self-imposed and often disregarded bedtime, and I have nothing else to write for now, I'll be signing off now. Good night, folks. Happy future reading.

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